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About me

Hi, I’m Letty Wilson.

I’m an artist and writer from Scotland, just finished an MLitt in Comics Studies at Dundee selfie-bluehair-100dpiUniversity.

I like making art, particularly comics, illustration and prose fiction. My work tends to focus on surreal and fantastic ideas and imagery, often with zoological inspiration; I’m particularly interested in ideas of predation and metamorphosis.

I love collaborating with others, or working to a brief, and regularly draw character-art commissions.

I have conversed with owls, and know their secrets.


  • drawing, specialising in inks.
  • comic art; pencilling, inking, colouring and lettering.
  • writing for comics, prose, poetry and non-fiction; gained a BA (1st class, hons) in English and Creative Writing at Aberystwyth university in 2012.
  • proficient in Photoshop CS6, and general digital image creation and manipulation.

Letty has a real gift for characterization, for manifesting form and gesture, for lending her figures tangible physical and psychological weight; as a professional, working with others, Letty always impressed in her ability to incorporate outside direction, to offer various drafted alternatives, and to meet deadlines, accommodating constraints and excelling expectations.

–Patrick Kavanagh, writer and literary editor

contact: lettydraws@gmail.com